Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bohol Experience with Mr. Johnny Torralba . . .

[After a day's work going over most of the towns in the Province of Bohol, a tiring day, after which a dinner with Manong Johnny Torralba and Romeo Terruel of the Province of Bohol's Special Projects Unit. This humble person and their organization helped so many Boholanos, silently.]

It was providential that in documenting the Tagbilaran Church on our way to visit 7 beautifully architectured Churches in Bohol dating back to the 17th century while going over to our destination to conduct area assessment and evaluation of the Province, we met Mr. Johnny Torralba along the way, who is about to leave. Mr. Johnny Torralba was the former President of the Association of Boholanos in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America (for 11 years) and the former Chief Executive Officer of Confederation of the Boholanos in the USA and Canada (CONBUSAC), which have been helping Bohol's development through the years. It's a rare opportunity to have a dinner with this man, who has been to different countries all over the world implementing developmental projects in third world countries while with the United Nations Development Program.

To Manong Johnny, thank you very much! Herewith is the message of Manong Johnny to all the Boholanos all over the world, to Manong Johnny and all the Boholanos:

BOHOL EXPERIENCE . . . A Special Edition

(A briefing with BGen. Alan R. Luga, the Commanding General of the 802nd Brigade, 8th Infantry Division based in Carmen, Bohol, with the Special Project Team of the Bohol Provincial Office, Mr. Romeo Terruel, on the peace and order situation in Bohol)

Bohol is a such a peaceful and progressive province. It was declared as an insurgent free province. Its tourism industry is booming with more than 500,000 yearly arrivals. It has a rice sufficiency level of 110% even during the height of the Il NiƱo Phenomenon and the rice crisis. All sectors in the province participates in all aspect of its development. In fact, many government officials from third world countries visits Bohol to study how did the province made it - from the 20 poorest province in the country to a progressive, peaceful and a prime tourist destination province with a well balanced and sustainable development. How did Bohol made it shall be a subject of our special presentation . . .