Sunday, September 20, 2009

CS Examination Administration

Relevant to the Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA), the Civil Service Commission Regional Office No. 5 , under the leadership of Dir. IV Cecilia R. Nieto, through the initiative of Jocelyn Lozada Marifosque and her staff at the Examination Service Division, produced an Audio Visual Presentation of the Civil Service Examination Administration on DVD. The project was uploaded in You Tube and was embeded on a free site. This can serve as a prototype of a cyber design where an AVP presentation on how to take CS Examination, with linkages to the application requirements, the forms necessary and even the payment of fees, which can be sent through banks, maybe done. In such case, bureaucratic process can be lessened. It could also mean less expense to the government and to its client, as the latter's expenses for transportation, time and effort shall be greatly reduced. It would also mean an evironmental friendly undertaking as less paper shall be used in the transaction. Additional revenue as payment of fees for its operational expenses can also be raised (CSC enjoys fiscal autonomy), to lessen government expenditures for its operation. Everything can be done via the internet.

SEE IT FOR YOURSELF (Double click here . . .)

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