Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Spirit of Volunteerism at CSC

After the Civil Service Commission, its officials, employees and union (PINTIG), conducted relief operation for its more than 40 personnel affected by typhoon "Ondoy", some employees took the initiative to organize a volunteer brigade. The volunteer brigade was originally conceptualized and organized in 1994 during the term of Chairperson Corazon Alma De Leon, who is now the Executive Director of Transparency International Philippines, to instill the spirit of volunteerism among government personnel. It was during the term of Chairperson Corazon Alma De Leon under the Ramos Administration , when the spirit of volunteerism was promoted in the hope of institutionalizing volunteer brigades in government agencies. It was an epoch in our history when we enjoyed peace nationwide, a period when government and its people moved as one . . .

With the help of some seminarians and priests the donations gathered by the volunteers from among the officials and employees of the CSC were distributed to typhoon victims at Barangay Burgos, Montalban, Rizal, an isolated Barangay hardly hit by "Ondoy" not yet reached by relief operations by other sector. We learned later that GMA 7 Foundation conducted relief operation in the same area after three days, augmenting the limited relief goods distributed by the brigade.

It's touching to see old women and children wondering about their future.

The Spirit of Volunteerism:

(Juris De Leon is a MassCom graduate from Far Eastern University. She was the Director of "The Rubrics", which won an award at FEU's Indie Film making contest in 2008. Recently, she directed "Carl", which won the Best Story and Best Actor Category at GMA Cine Indie. She has been with Alimukon Advocacies for quite sometime developing her skills in freestyle video production.)

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