Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It is ironic that the intended beneficiary of this blog project, i.e., Albay and the Bicol Region per se, to help the people therein recover from the havoc caused by typhoon “Reming” - by featuring a CSC Awardee , a driver, who works at BIR RR No. X, Legaspi City, who makes a difference in his community, including the present development in a remote Barangay in Legaspi City without any means of public transport where he used to live – were the very first ones from the among the provinces in the country to organize a caravan to bring relief goods to Rizal, Caloocan and other places in Metro Manila. A lawyer, who is a President of a Foundation consisting of Bicolanos in coordination with Church based organizations, organized a movement to gather donations and transport it by land to the Metropolis.

It is ironic too, that CSC employees and officials in Region I, which sent relief goods to the CSC Central Office for distribution to the beneficiaries, by themselves was hit by typhoon “Pepeng”, specifically, in Ilocos Province.

Tragedy awakens the Bayanihan spirit among Filipinos. We seek refuge to the Divine that the kindness of those who have the heart passes on to those who have faith to move on despite the challenges of time.

We cannot find any images readily available in the internet to feature those who sympathized with us , to touch the lives of other Christians and good Samaritans along the way thru images and the cyber world. We hope that somewhere, somehow . . . there are still many left behind. There is hope, so long as we hold on, so long as we have faith.

Our landscape drastically changed. This is an acid test of faith for our nation and its leaders to formulate a long term plan regardless of politics and to heed the call of the Divine for us to move as one to rebuild our nation . . .

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